Weekly Tarot Reading: 6/25/17

Hello all! This weeks reading is done in Maryland because the family and I went on a little vacation for the weekend. It was beautiful there and we were just completely surrounded by nature. It was super uplifting energetically. But anyway!

Here’s the reminder for the structure of the “Week Ahead” spread:

6            1

5             2

    4     3

The middle is the Significater and the overall atmosphere of of the week.
1 = Monday
2 = Wednesday
3 = Friday
4 = Sunday
5 = Tuesday
6 = Thursday
7 = Saturday

Now here is the Reading!



Significator = Ace of Wands

  • Ace of wands is a new beginning or a start of a new passion or project. Something great and powerful is starting. The whole week will have this underlying new theme or feeling.

Monday = Ace of Cups

  • This is another beginning card and signifies something new in the realm of emotions, relationships or interactions. It could be meeting someone new, or some new feelings surfacing in a relationship. It can also mean something will come into your life that will stir some feelings in you.

Tuesday = Four of Swords (Reversed)

  • This card can mean restless contemplation. Something on your mind that is keep you stressed and unable to relax. It can also mean a lack of progress of some kind.

Wednesday = Queen of Wands

  • This card is someone who has control of their passions. They are determined, powerful, and are experts in what they do. This is someone who has gained a lot of success in following their passions.

Thursday = Four of Wands

  • This is a pretty good card since it means that you are enjoying a stable and comfortable time. Since the wands are set up with flowers to look like a banner, this card can mean some kind of celebration or some good news is on the way.

Friday = Ten of Wands (Reversed)

  • Instead of collecting the rewards of your hard work, this card means you are avoiding responsibilities. It can mean you are overwhelmed, have too much on your plate, or you just don’t know where to go with what you have.

Saturday = Three of Cups (Reversed)

  • The reversal of the three of cups means that a once harmonious partnership or relationship has started to become unstable. The once strong trust in this relationship is now thinning and there is resistance. It can also mean that someone outside of a relationship is influencing the partnership in a negative way. It can also mean a community in general is starting to lose their strong structure.

Sunday = Knight of Wands

  • This last card is about powerful and intense action. This Knight is very proud and determined in achieving whatever it is he has his heart set on. This can be considered impulsive in a way, but is also just a high-energy card in general.


Alright, so that’s this weeks reading! Hope you guys got something significant out of it and I will be back next Sunday with a new one 🙂 Thanks for reading!



If you would like a tarot card reading, dream interpretation, or would just like to ask a question about the metaphysical and occult world, you can contact me here.



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