Weekly Tarot Reading: 7-2-17

So for this week’s reading, I did something a little different. I used the same spread, but I wanted to use a different tarot deck. So I used my Thoth Tarot Deck. I really like the art of this deck and I just wanted a slight change in scenery.

To start, here’s the reminder for the structure of the “Week Ahead” spread:

6            1

5             2

    4     3

The middle is the Significater and the overall atmosphere of of the week.
1 = Monday
2 = Wednesday
3 = Friday
4 = Sunday
5 = Tuesday
6 = Thursday
7 = Saturday

And here is the reading:

7-2-17 (2)

Alright let’s get started:

Significator = The Emperor

  • This card is someone who is very powerful and stable. It can be someone authoritative as it has a very “government” and “in charge” energy to it. It is someone who is very strong-willed and intelligent.

Monday = The Chariot

  • This is a card of success from a struggle or some kind of obstacle. You have the strength and power to get what you want and you are victorious.

Tuesday = Four of Swords (Truce)

  • This card signifies and rest time after some kind of struggle or conflict. Some sort of issue that was bothering us is now dealt with and now is the calm after the storm.

Wednesday = Three of Cups (Abundance)

  • Three of cups means a wealth of positivity and love. You have everything you need to feel secure and loved.

Thursday = The Star 

  • The star card is all about hope and a bright perspective on the future. It also means that something good will appear unexpectedly and it may indicate some kind of spiritual clarity or insight.

Friday = The Magus

  • This card represents someone who is very wise and knowledgeable in their field; someone who is almost like a Mage in a way. This is also a card about action, very knowledgeable and wise action.

Saturday = Ten of Pentacles (Wealth)

  • This card symbolizes material and/or spiritual wealth. It is a completion in whatever material task, project, or otherwise you started.

Sunday = Two of Pentacles (Change)

  • As the name suggests, the card is a symbol of change or the progress of a cycle. Everything is in divine order, even if it feels like that order is against us sometimes.

This week seems that have a lot of different energies coming together. But it seems  like all good stuff! Thanks for reading!



If you would like a tarot card reading, dream interpretation, or would just like to ask a question about the metaphysical and occult world, you can contact me here.


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