Weekly Tarot Reading: 7/9/17

Hello all! For this week I used my Thoth deck again. I haven’t used it in a while so I’m excited to keep using it.

So anyway, I made a cute little graphic so you all can see the spread I use:


Hopefully that makes it way easier to understand the spread. Now here’s the reading:


Significator = Nine of Disks (Gain)

  • This is a pretty great card. It signifies good luck and gains in earthly aspects. This week seems to be heading in an ideal direction.

Monday = Three of Disks (Works)

  • This card is a symbol if growth. It can be a development at work or with material things like wealth, family, or your home-life.

Tuesday = The Fool

  • This card is all about new beginnings and stating clean from a blank slate.

Wednesday = Ace of Wands

  • A new idea or passion is arising. This can also mean pure energy and creativity.

Thursday = Three of Swords (Sorrow)

  • This is a card of growing issues and disruption. Something is amiss, wrong, deceitful, or absent.

Friday = The Hermit

  • The Hermit is a card of self-exploration and introspection. It signifies a journey where you will learn an awful lot about your self.

Saturday = Six of Swords (Science)

  • Science is a card about working and labor. It can also mean a revolutionary change in view point as well as a decided and set path to follow. Travel and communication are also energies found in this card.

Sunday = The Devil

  • The devil card usually means a lack of choice, no free will, or the feeling of being held “hostage”. It can also mean  that you are being too impulsive and making too rash of decisions. It may also symbolize manipulation.

Well this week seems like it’s going to have its up and downs. Well it’ll all work out in the end! Thanks for reading!



If you would like a tarot card reading, dream interpretation, or would just like to ask a question about the metaphysical and occult world, you can contact me here.


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