Keeping a Dream Journal

Are you fascinated by dreams? Do you wish to have a more fulfilling dream experience and remember more dreams you have? I would tell you to start a dream journal!

I’ve been keeping a dream journal for eight years now. It is a great practice for someone who is very invested and fascinated  by dreams as I am. I think dreams are just wonderful experiences and tools that anyone can benefit from learning more about.

Dream journals are just little notebooks or journals you keep by your bed. As soon as you wake up you write all you can remember of your dream/dreams. The idea is to just write everything that happens since this is a good way to not allow the conscious mind from interfering, since the conscious mind will try to analyze and change the content of the dream. You need to just let the dream flow and look back on what you wrote later on. It also helps solidify the memory of the dream in a convenient place. Keeping a regular and consistent has a whole lot of benefits:

  • It helps to remember more details the dreams you has throughout the night
  • After a while of keeping the journal you can remember multiple dreams a night
  • You can analyze multiple dreams through a period of time and see what are some consistent themes and symbols
  • You can analyze these themes and symbols to find their reflections in your waking life
  • It is a great tool to begin lucid dreaming.

Once I started keeping track of my dreams I’ve remembered three or four a night, I’ve had numerous lucid dreaming experiences, and I have regular symbols and themes in dream that help me gain perspective on aspects of my waking life. It’s a great tool for anyone and it’s honestly super fun and interesting!

Thanks for reading!


If you would like a tarot card reading, dream interpretation, or would just like to ask a question about the metaphysical and occult world, you can contact me here.



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