Spiritual Fluctuations

Everyone goes through a short time every so often where you don’t feel depressed or sad, but you know something is just slightly off. You don’t feel quite right, but you know there really isn’t anything around you that’s different or making you feel off-centered.

Some of you may know that the universe and its energies fluctuate. This fluctuation creates lessons and change that we humans experience in our lives here on Earth. There are really great times where everything is synchronistically falling into place so perfectly. These times empowers and helps us to believe that the universe is giving us everything we need to realize our true life Purpose. However, there are times when it seems as though life is becoming sluggish or things and situations feel as though they are being resistant to our life path. During these times we must remember that the universe only brings us what we need and sometimes what we need are lessons and resistances to teach us a lesson or make us realize something.

What we need to keep in our conscious lives is that those seemingly troubling situations and feelings are there to teach us something. They are to make us realize something about us that just is not working and hindering us from staying on our life path. If we keep aware and conscious during the “hard times” and much as we do during the easy times, then we realize that there are no “hard times”. There are only opportunities to grow and evolve

I wanted to make a post about this because I have been in a little slump the past few weeks. it was nothing serious I wasn’t sad or anything. Also nothing happened that was shocking or tragic. I have been helping my boyfriend with his moving to a new house however, and I have been increasingly have been putting pressure on myself to get a real job before I need to start paying off those pesky student loans. But the biggest thing that was off-balance was me. I was regressing to my early college habits where I got stressed and tried covering it up with Pokemon, Tv, going for walks, reading, and just about anything I could just so I wouldn’t have to deal with my actual responsibilities.

I haven’t done this in quite a while so I thought I kicked that habit, but nope. I was wrong. I even neglected my spiritual routines. I became lazy with my meditations, I started eating poorly, and I have been seeping slowly into unconscious thinking. Until a few days ago I was out on my walk and I had this huge epiphany on what I was doing and how I had been acting. I thought I was in a slump, but really I put myself there! At that moment I told myself to knock it off and get back home and start doing what you love and neglected for the past few weeks. I immediately went full force into my responsibilities and back on my spiritual track.

Now I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I feel stronger, my mind is clear and my feelings are balanced and centered. I feel myself again, which is funny because I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t been feeling myself. I’m back on my life’s path and I know I have to tackle whatever is stressing me out head on.

I wanted to share this story both as an explanation as to why I haven’t posted in a few weeks and also as a way for other people to relate to how I felt and possibly realize how to get themselves out of their own spiritual funk.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!



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