Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about spirituality and the occult as well as for dream interpretations (which are FREE and posted to my blog with no information identifying you). Below are the prices I charge for tarot readings which you can contact me to request. Enjoy! 🙂

Tarot and Oracle card Spreads:

Single Card Readings

These are just a single drawn card that I will interpret.

This reading will be $5.

Three-Card Readings

This is a three card spread that will show your Past, Present, Future.

This reading will be $10


Tarot Only Spreads:

Horseshoe Spread

This spread is for when you have two choices you can make and you want to know the potential outcome for each choice.

This reading will be $15

Personal Week Ahead Spread

An eight card reading to get a look ahead for the next seven days.

This reading will be $20

Celtic Cross Spread

A 10-card reading for a specific issue or topic.

This reading will be $20


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