Tarot Readings

Interested in a Tarot Reading? You came to the right place!

I offer a number of different spreads and decks for you to choose from. The price for each reading depends on the number of cards I would need to use. I use PayPal and will give you my PayPal.me link when you contact me for a reading.

Know of a spread and don’t see it here? Tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do!

So before the types of spreads I offer, these are the different decks I use:

Raider-Waite Tarot Deck

This deck is great for very symbolic-heavy introspective insight. It’s great with inner emotions, thoughts, and issues. I feel as though it feminine in nature and is almost nurturing and wise as a deck. When I use it, I always feel to meditate and think about what it says to me.

Thoth Tarot Deck

This deck is much more direct. The Thoth deck is very to the point and will give you real and legitimate insight without beating around the bush. I enjoy this because it has more of a masculine energy to it and has a very wise attitude.

Astrological Oracle Cards

Oracles cards are less structured than Tarot cards. They are much more up to interpretation based on the theme of the cards. These are Astrological in theme and uses the personalities and energy of the Planets and Zodiac constellations to give you insight and guidance.

Tarot and Oracle card Spreads:

Single Card Readings

These are just a single drawn card that I will interpret.

This reading will be $5.

Three-Card Readings

This is a three card spread that will show your Past, Present, Future.

This reading will be $10

Tarot Only Spreads:

Horseshoe Spread

This spread is for when you have two choices you can make and you want to know the potential outcome for each choice.

This reading will be $15

Personal Week Ahead Spread

An eight card reading to get a look ahead for the next seven days.

This reading will be $20

Celtic Cross Spread

A 10-card reading for a specific issue or topic.

This reading will be $25

Alright so if you chose your deck and spread, head over to my Contact page and let me know which ones you want!

Hope you guys enjoy!


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